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Only high-end products and nothing else will not ensure you a healthy looking bouncy skin with no wrinkles on it. To achieve that springy bounce and elasticity in your skin include the given foods in your diets and notice the difference for yourself. The food is what you are made up of. So eat wisely and change for better. The list of healthy foods is as given below:

Sweet potatoes:

Although oranges are always posted as the vitamin C efficient, you will be shocked to know that sweet potatoes contain about 65% of the necessary amount of vitamin c requirements with a very low glycemic index of 17. So, do include it in your diet right now. The best way to consume it is with the skin on- as it contains vitamin A, beta-carotene and high potassium content.

Sweet potatoes


Coconuts are full of anti-oxidants that are good for the health of your skin and hair. They have high nutrients that help the body to absorb magnesium, calcium and other vitamins.


Another great source of beta-carotene is the vitamin A-rich carrot; filled with agents of collagen – a type of protein, which promotes skin elasticity.


Yes, the humble spinach should be part of your diet almost every day. The other greens like broccoli or kale equally as good as the spinach. They are storehouses of all the essential nutrients required for that healthy glow on your skin.


Avocados are power packed with high amounts of fiber, plant sterols, magnesium, folate, protein, potassium, vitamins B6, E and K. Avocados also possess biotin, which helps to prevent dry skin and brittle hair and nails. They are on the list of world’s super foods. Try eating avocado if you have troubled skin because, unlike other fruits, it contains Omega-9 fats that repair damaged skin by reducing redness and irritation.


These foods will ensure beautiful skin with elasticity and firmness. You should also get into a routine where you can incorporate an anti-aging skin product for better results.

Best Foods For Skin Elasticity
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